Big Data analytics across the entire value chain


The Industrial Internet of Things is no longer mere theory but now established practice. New technologies enable smart linking and networking between all of the elements along the value chain. These include integrated supply chain planning, the integration of ERP and manufacturing execution systems (MES), and smart, learning robots and machinery. Predictive maintenance for production facilities also offers another benefit that should not be underestimated.

Manufacturers and service providers such as logistics companies now face a common set of truly daunting challenges. While businesses in Asia and the USA – with carmakers and electronics companies at the forefront – have already made major efforts here, Europe is still trailing behind.

The future lies in digitalization and customer-focused solutions with on-demand manufacturing as the ultimate goal. Companies can only achieve this with an IIoT strategy and a forward-thinking workforce, as well as the right structures and technologies for the production process itself.



This is where Intelligent Solutions steps in: with IIoT solutions for analytics and monitoring. With a highly advanced and intuitive platform for business intelligence and analytics solutions. With smart Big Data processing for any number of (networked) facilities. And all of this with no dependencies on manufacturers or the type and model of plant and machinery used!


Hone your competitive edge

Analytics solutions:

Big Data and the networking of production plant sensor systems

All thanks to Big Data:  by collecting and analyzing the enormous quantities of data generated during production, a company can improve its manufacturing processes and products, lower its costs, and so ultimately improve its bottom line. To do so, it needs

  • Installation of a sufficient number of sensors (for temperature, pressure, air purity, unit quantities, etc., etc.) on machinery, user interfaces (HMIs – human-machine interfaces), and/or control systems (PLC – programmable logic controllers)
  • An advanced analytics package. Ideally, this package will also be able to interact with existing production planning systems (PPS) and execution systems (ERP/MES).

With the help of Big Data, fully automated and high-performance correlation and analysis procedures can provide the visualizations needed: with real-time analytics, the condition of production plant and machinery is monitored and compared with thresholds, patterns, and scenarios – and even across multiple facilities. Simple, clear-cut quick charts can be accessed at any time. Alerts are triggered automatically if individual values start to go out-of-bounds.


Business Intelligence: It's all about the data

  • Collection via sensors located anywhere
  • Wired or wireless transmission to a master server
  • Analysis of abnormalities and comparison with target values, patterns, and scenarios
  • Meaningful and clear information presented in the form of business graphics, spreadsheets, etc.

Decision-making criteria for IIoT-driven manufacturing

  • Status overview
  • Rolling trend analysis
  • Automatic alerts in the event of faults
  • Rapid, targeted identification of the fault source
  • Proactive, rapid decision-making for production and distribution

EDM: Data from any facility