SightLine Enterprise Data Manager™ (SightLine EDM) has been developed for the systematic analysis of ongoing internal production processes within the company. This high-performance analysis solution is suitable for companies in the manufacturing sector and for service providers such as logistics firms. SightLine EDM gives plant managers, engineers, technicians, and other production employees real-time status updates on their machinery and plant, and so enabling the company to take advantage of the benefits offered by an IIoT-driven solution.



Many of the world’s largest manufacturing companies already deploy SightLine EDM for the real-time collection, storage, visualization, monitoring and analysis of machinery and plant data, and use this data to streamline operational processes and improve production profitability. SightLine EDM is built on Sightline’s proven IT performance monitoring platform.


To convince you of the strengths of this solution, we offer you the option of deploying a multi-week test in the shape of Proof of Concept (PoC).

PoC timetable

  1. A one-day workshop with the customer is used to establish the general information scope, the requirements, and the criteria for the PoC project.
  2. Intelligent Solutions then puts together the design and the roadmap for running the PoC project: Information targets, requirements, data sources, estimate of duration, technical and administrative requirements, criteria for successful conclusion of the PoC project, scope.
  3. Customer presentation and final consultation round
  4. Installation and execution (see right)
  5. Analysis by Intelligent Solutions and concluding presentation

Installation and execution

Intelligent Solutions and the customer work together to install the software components on the customer’s systems and configure the solution to ensure that the plant and machinery data from the items of equipment identified can be collected, stored, and analyzed. The SightLine EDM package can be installed on an existing Windows, Linux, or VMWare server.

Optionally, basic user training courses can also be held, which gives the customer the skills needed to operate the solution independently.

The SightLine EDM package is configured for around 30 days. Ideally, Intelligent Solutions should also be given the opportunity to access the SightLine EDM server remotely, so as to ensure implementation proceeds as smoothly as possible and no operational interruptions are experienced.

Conditions on request.

Contact us to arrange your Proof of Concept (PoC).